About SOC



SOC began operating in Iraq in 2005 when it won an award to provide security service in Al Anbar providence. Building on this success, SOC expanded its role and became a security subcontractor to a prime contractor on an Iraqi demilitarization program. Under this initiative, SOC operated in various Iraqi cities and villages to negotiate with tribal chieftains for the safe recovery of weapons, munitions, and explosives. This complex program commanded a blended multinational security force and was performed through the extraordinary heroics of many individuals. Shortly thereafter, SOC began securing sites and protecting U.S. Government assets and personnel at dozens of locations spanning from Mosul to Basra.

By a natural extension of its capabilities, SOC has serviced and continues to serve corporations pursuing commercial operations in Iraq. Its life support and construction qualifications continue to be in high demand. SOC’s unique contingency recruiting and staffing capabilities source talent ranging from linguists to local management talent.  However, SOC’s first and foremost priority remains sustaining the peaceful and sustainable development of Iraq.