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Canine Cargo Screening

SOC's Third Party Canine Cargo Screening

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 SOC is operating as one of the seven TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facilities K-9 (CCSF-K9) in the United States. Our Canine Services have successfully supplied more than 550 Canine teams globally, in the protection of personnel, facilities, and assets. Our unique capacity to rapidly deliver top quality dogs in active and dynamic environments has been proven on more than 54 contracts.

Our proven ability to deliver successful Canine Services worldwide begins with our “Dog First” Philosophy.
This philosophy is a true life cycle plan from selection, through deployments and into comfortable
retirement, our dog’s well-being is our highest priority. Each member of the team; dog and handler are
carefully selected, and examined for physical fitness, mental acuity, personality and compatibility. Our
Canine training can be adopted to support customers in any environment worldwide.

SOC utilizes specialized software and wireless video technology to record, document, and provide in-depth analysis of canine training activity, deployments, and cargo screening operations in compliance with TSA’s regulatory standards.

As a leader in the canine industry, SOC has set the highest standard with stringent operating procedures for canine operations, including: Canine Management & Record Keeping, Transportation & Mobile or Travel Housing, Healthcare & Husbandry Standards, Population Management, Housing Standards & Operations, Trauma Management & Emergency First Aid, Emergency Response Planning, Canine Training, Physical Conditioning Programs, Transitioning and Retirement. These sections can be modified or deleted as required by the client.

SOC's 3rd Party Canine Screening Services include (but are not limited to): 

  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Crates
  • Unit Loading Devices (ULD)
  • Skids loaded with Cargo
  • Pallets loaded with Cargo
  • Boxes


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For more information, email:

Tim Crawford

Director of Canine Training, Security Solutions, SOC



More About SOC Canine Solutions



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State-of-the-Art Canine Facility

SOC’s canine trainers and handlers live by strict standards focused on the health and welfare of our dogs. Operating in support of both foreign and domestic security missions, the quality of training and level of care provided to our dogs meet the highest industry standards, ensuring optimum performance levels anywhere in the world.  Our animals are truly a part of the SOC family.

SOC’s Canine Solutions division operates a 40,000 square foot, three-acre training facility in the United States, which has supported of one of the largest canine programs in existence with deployed canines and handlers in the United States, the Middle East and Africa. This state-of-the-art canine training facility prepares our animals and handlers for deployment with training and testing in protection, patrol, apprehension and detection. Detection canines may be trained to track and detect elements such as human scent, explosives, narcotics, and hazardous materials, depending on the specific needs of the contract or program. SOC canines are carefully selected through a series of tests and a strict review process, which examines the innate drive and basic capabilities to be successful as part of our integrated security solution. SOC’s trainers and handlers employ a positive reinforcement training standard where the health and welfare of the animals is paramount. SOC dogs are considered important members of the team and critical additions to the professional workforce, supporting some of the most important national security missions here at home and around the world.