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Wednesday, 01 February, 2017

SOC Sponsors Worldwide Stability Operations ‘Changing of the Guard’ Forum

SOC sponsored and attended an ISOA, Worldwide Stability Operations "Changing of the Guard " Breakfast Forum, February 1. The event hosted a lineup of speakers from U.S. Congress and the Defense and State Departments, and USAID. The group discussed the government's priorities and spending for 2017 and beyond. Speakers included:

REP. MARK MEADOWS (R-NC)  - House Committees on Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Government Reform— Chairman of the Government Operations Subcommittee, and Transportation & Infrastructure

REP. HENRY CUELLAR (D-TX)  - House Committees on: Appropriations for Defense and Homeland Security

DR. RONALD CLARK - Former Deputy Under Secretary at DHS for the National Protection and Programs Directorate

GARY MOTSEK - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for AT&L/Program Support

CATHY READ - Director of Acquisition Management, Department of State

DANIEL RUNDE - Former Senior USAID Official, now with the Center for Strategic and International Studies


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