Integrated Security Solutions

SOC’s approach to Integrated Security reflects our reputation as a responsive, agile and trusted provider of solutions in support of national security interests in high-threat environments. We bring a full suite of integrated programs to support our customers’ evolving security and protective force needs.  From securing vital national security assets in the United States and abroad, to personal protection for high ranking U.S. Government officials overseas, SOC designs and delivers discrete and proactive solutions to detect and deter the full spectrum of threats.   

Our integrated solutions include mobile and installation security, canine security, intelligence and atmospherics, comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments, local community engagement support, and technical security through advanced security technology recommendations,  installation, delivery, operations and maintenance. 

Whatever the mission, we deliver successful results with diverse teams of professionals from around the world. Our purpose is to ensure that our clients are free to reach their highest working potential regardless of the threat profile. 

Installation Security

SOC provides a foundation of knowledge, personnel, and integration that allows our clients to mitigate risks and continue to engage, develop and safely see their missions through to completion. SOC has provided installation security through the design, construction and management of life support compounds for the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Energy and commercial clients throughout the United States, Middle East, and Africa since 2004. 

Our teams of highly trained and qualified security personnel safeguard client personnel, equipment, facilities, and assets around the clock. Our Installation Security forces focus on:

  • Preventing unauthorized entry and controlling access
  • Safeguarding and protecting client facilities, equipment, and personnel
  • Inspecting security controls
  • Securing national security assets and information
  • Establishing high levels of accountability and professionalism
  • Applying security techniques, devices, procedures, and policies 

SOC integrates with client project teams to design and deliver solutions tailored to evolving threat profiles. We enhance physical security capabilities with state-of-the-art technology and threat vulnerability assessments to provide enterprise-wide protection. 

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Mobile Security

Our clients depend on secure transportation and an unwavering dedication to security in order to fulfill their missions. With expertise, discretion, and results, we provide flexible mobile operations and solutions. SOC brings a proven mobile security methodology based on internal best practices derived from our work with Government clients, law-enforcement and special operations communities, combining more than a decade of real world operational experience. Throughout SOC’s history, our personnel have successfully conducted more than 10,000 mobile security operations, transporting client personnel and equipment safely and securely through multiple austere environments without any loss of client life.

SOC evolves with new global threats emerging every day. For our clients, mission execution is defined by mission intelligence. As an operator on the ground supporting intelligence-driven operations, we provide threat assessments and actionable intelligence to forward deployed teams and client managers. Our operations centers collect threat intelligence daily from a variety of sources including SOC’s operations centers in the U.S. and abroad. We distribute and integrate this intelligence into security operations. 

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Technical Security

Our Technical Security division is an enterprise solution that leverages proven security tools and technologies to ensure our clients are secure and operating to their greatest potential. SOC develops and employs innovative surveillance, security and intelligence systems to complement and enhance client operations. Our proficiencies include the design, acquisition, and maintenance of security systems and infrastructure. We are constantly improving and upgrading our systems through the application of best practices and threat analysis to ensure we are prepared to meet the threats of tomorrow.

SOC’s technical security teams are trained to manage, maintain, and operate an extensive suite of technology to include surveillance drones, intrusion detection systems (IDS), threat management systems, video surveillance (CCTV), pass and ID functions, and electronic gates. 

Our professionals are backed by a global network of proven technology manufacturers and suppliers, enabling SOC to deliver technology-agnostic solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

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Working Dog Solutions

SOC’s Working Dog Solutions provides specialized canine services throughout the United States, Middle East and Africa.  We lead one of the single largest canine programs in existence. SOC’s canine teams have extensive detection experience which includes the protection of embassies, camps and installations abroad. Our Working Dog solutions are crucial to the protection of national security here in the U.S. and abroad.

SOC’s canine trainers and handlers live by strict standards focused on the health and welfare of our dogs. Operating in support of both foreign and domestic security missions, the quality of training and level of care provided to our dogs meet the highest industry standards, ensuring optimum performance levels anywhere in the world.  Our animals are truly a part of the SOC family.

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