Infrastructure & Logistics

SOC’s Infrastructure and Logistics team is responsible for the base operations and operations and management of U.S. Government owned facilities and installations. The team also provides operational support for the management of arms, ammunition and explosives (AA&E), demilitarization of AA&E as well as associated training and logistics solutions. The team implements installation modernization efforts that create safer operations and lowers total cost of ownership for our customers. This is the result of innovative solutions that utilize predictive maintenance technology and leverage metric collection platforms and dashboards.

SOC Operations & Maintenance, Infrastructure & Logistics solutions:

  • Facility and Installation Operations and Maintenance
  • Management and Storage of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E)
  • Demilitarization Operations
  • Training and Logistics Support
SOC Maintenance worker with truck
person metal welding

Facility and Installation Operations and Maintenance

SOC is an O&M industry leader in Program Operations, Maintenance, Explosives Operations, Security, Transportation, and Fire and Emergency Services.  Our customers call on us to deliver the very best power, mechanical, Information Technology and electrical systems available; in addition to other basic necessities such as water, fuel, waste, warehousing, and communications. 

Key Items:
  • Think Smart and Employ Best Practices
  • Hire Innovative Leaders
  • Operations Center Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Asset Performance
  • Enterprise Asset Management Tools
  • Safety and Security Programs
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Environmental Compliance and Safety
  • Grounds and Facility Maintenance
  • Hazardous Waste
Storage yard of munitions

Management and Storage of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E)

SOC is an integral part of maintaining and sustaining the United States go-to-war stockpile of munitions for DOD operations.  With more than 226 square miles and 7.7 million square feet of storage space, we have unmatched capabilities and bring a very unique package of personnel, equipment and processes and procedures for storage and management of all categories of Class 5 Munitions and Explosives.  All processes and procedures for AA&E are in full compliance with applicable DOD laws, regulations, codes, and standards. 

For All Your Storage Requirements,
Our Team Provides:
  • An exceptional long-term history of safety and security
  • Transportation to and from your location(s)
  • Correct marking, packaging and protection of materiel
  • Secure handling, movement, transportation, and storage of assigned materiel
  • Safe, secure storage of stockpiles including surplus, degraded, and obsolete materiel through final disposition
  • Accurate accountability and reporting of all materiel
factory worker defusing munitions

Demilitarization Operations

SOC delivers the highest level of assurance for demilitarization of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives.  With 40 years’ experience managing a wide portfolio of munitions, SOC brings unmatched capabilities for DEMIL and disposal of Class 5 Munitions and materiel.  We expertly manage critical demil operations and facilitization and equipment requirements for all MIDAS families, and ensure high-quality services using our ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

In the last 5 years we have demiled approximately 80,000 tons of munitions with an exceptional record of safety, using only environmentally responsible and approved disposal processes. The result is one of the most R3 (resource, recovery, and recycle) ammunition storage and demilitarization programs in the world

As the operating contractor for the U.S. Army’s largest storage and demilitarization facility (226 Square Miles).

aircraft engine repair

Training and Logistics Support:

SOC provides training and logistics support in nearly all of its programs.   We develop and maintain a wide range of operational training programs proving training for more than 5000 personnel per year in both CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Our core training areas include:
  • Vehicle and Aircraft Maintenance
  • Explosives and Munition Handling
  • Transportation
  • Security and Weapons Platforms
  • Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection
  • Safety and Environmental Compliance
  • Fire and Emergency Services. 

In support of our clients we provide a robust logistics models (Internal and External), supply networks and infrastructure that span the globe.  SOC’s capabilities deliver a cost-conscious, flexible, and innovative approach to supply chain management, contingency operations, air transportation, fleet transportation, vehicle maintenance, and local procurement.  Our logistics management program is grounded in firm adherence to ITAR, legal compliance, and quality standards.

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