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More Than 75 Years Supporting the Department of Energy

With a company history of more than 75 years supporting the Department of Energy (DOE), Day & Zimmermann and SOC together have provided Safeguards, Security, Emergency Services, Management & Operations (M&O), Architecture and Design (A/E) services to protect national security assets that include Category I Special Nuclear Material in research, development, and manufacturing environments.

Currently, SOC fills a critical role in protecting the research and development that supports the nation’s nuclear deterrent and other important national security missions. SOC delivers award-winning security and emergency services operations solutions for five U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sites, providing protection of personnel, equipment, facilities, and assets around the clock. The DOE sites supported include: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Pantex Plant, Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and several National Laboratories.

Previously, for more than twenty years, SOC provided best-in-class Safeguards and Security services at Los Alamos National Laboratory, one of the largest national laboratories supporting DOE, safeguarding national security assets in a federally-funded research and development environment.

For more than five years, SOC delivered safeguards and security protection operations at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), including protective force services, tactical training, physical security systems and technical security engineering, performance testing, human reliability program, environmental safety, health, and quality assurance, resource management, labor relations, logistics support, and records management.

From 2018 to 2023, SOC led a Protective Security Force Team created specifically to set a new standard of protective force excellence, in support of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). We applied our collective team experience to bring a fresh approach to sustain and strengthen all NNSS Protective Force operations to ensure our Nation’s critical assets are safeguarded, regardless of the potential threat. Due to our superior Protective Force operations, for the DOE, SOC was recognized with the Defense Programs Award of Excellence and the VPP Superior Star Award.

In 1947, Mason & Hanger, our Architecture & Engineering practice, designed the Pantex Plant. For more than four decades [45 years], from 1956 to 2001, Mason & Hanger provided Management & Operations (M&O) services at the mission-critical Pantex Plant.

Read more about how we have proudly served the DOE and its mission for more than 75 years here.

"All accounts point to an absolutely flawless security operation. The [DOE] Secretary's visit pointed to a high level of preparedness and professionalism. Another great deed done well."
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