Cyber Solutions

Our cyber capabilities address the greatest mission-threats impacting our customers in the Defense and National Intelligence Communities.

SOC’s team of cyber engineers and intelligence analysts bring the highest level of expertise and field services to the mission ensuring that our nation’s critical assets are safeguarded from the broad spectrum of threats that are here today and evolving tomorrow


Our Cyber Security forces focus on:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Vulnerability Research
  • CNO Tool Development
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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is at the core of all cyber security. Gaining working knowledge of a piece of software, hardware, or system without a priori knowledge is fun for us. SOC Pocydon engineers have experience and expertise in full system reverse engineering where no source code is available and often when full functionality of the system is unknown. The skill of identifying chips, pulling firmware and then moving to software / firmware reversing is both an art and skill that our engineers have repeatedly demonstrated. We use the latest binary analysis tools, customize these tools, and develop our own custom versions as appropriate for the task at hand.

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Vulnerability Research

Vulnerability research can be tedious and time consuming. At SOC Pocydon, we are generating tools that allow rapid identification of 0-days and identify N-day related uses that satisfy mission specific needs. To achieve this, our “Arion” framework is designed to be extensible, flexible, and powerful; capable of automating the tedium of VR and increasing the throughput of analysis. The cornerstone for this framework is the speed and intelligence of the fuzzing engine. In addition to discovering vulnerabilities through traditional interfaces, SOC Pocydon is aimed to further research into non-traditional vulnerability research through the blending of sciences and cyber.

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CNO Tool Development

Computer Network Operations (CNO) tools have a broad span of capabilities which all rely on a deep knowledge of how computers work. SOC Pocydon engineers are comfortable working at all levels of computer programming, but specialize in very low-level capabilities. SOC Pocydon engineers and management team have years of experience developing specialized tools that have very complex size, observability, and functional requirements.

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