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Veteran Employee Resource Group

SOC's Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) aims to drive initiatives and community involvement on behalf of the corporation to enhance the participation of Veterans in the Company's growth and success. VERG members are active in our communities. With a large number of employees who are former military, our Veterans group works to support and honor these employees. In addition, we provide outreach to existing Veterans who are looking to transition out of the military to a successful civilian career path. Our SOC Cares giving programs and larger company-wide initiatives, work to assist deployed soldiers and their families in partnership with various local and national organizations.

Military to Civilian Career - Transition Timeline

SOC is dedicated to providing jobs to U.S. Veterans returning home. With a workforce made up of largely military veterans, we embrace our role as a support element for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines.

To help you consider your options in such an important life decision, SOC has created a guide and timeline to help existing members of the military understand important milestones in preparing the shift from a military career to a civilian career track.

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