Entrusted to Secure and Protect with Mission-critical Solutions

Supporting the U.S. National Security Mission to provide seamlessly integrated solutions. We stay ahead of evolving threats with agility and a preventative security posture.

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The Trusted Provider of Mission Support Solutions

For generations our teams have been the critical element in supporting designs, operations, and security for the prevention and deterrence of potential threats. Our workforce is strongly united by our mission, with a commitment to lead the industry by setting the highest standards in security, ethics, safety, and compliance.

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With diverse teams of professionals from around the world, our purpose is to ensure that our customers are free to reach their highest working potential regardless of the threat profile.



Supporting the Evolving Needs in Ukraine and Surrounding European Countries

SOC is supporting the Mission in Ukraine with teams, resources, supply channels, and requirements in place — also in-country. We have forward-operating teams with offices, housing, staff, and supply chains in strategic locations of Ukraine—positioned to support the ongoing mission-critical needs, as a one-stop resource with seamlessly integrated solutions. We have relationships with local business partners in-country/in-region.

Currently providing logistics services moving materials, supplies, and mission-critical resources into Ukraine. We have been supporting the U.S. National Security Mission on thousands of projects, in more than 170 countries. We have strong working knowledge in Eastern Europe, having supported and designed a number of U.S. Government Facilities in numerous countries across Europe, including designing of the U.S. Embassy Compound in Ukraine.

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A Conversation on

Mission Support

As an integrated provider of mission support solutions through our services to the U.S. Government and commercial clients, we remain vigilant with the evolving national security threats we’re facing today. Doug Magee, President of Government Services, sat down for a conversation on mission support.

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