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Global Deployment of more than 747 Explosive Detection Canines (EDCs) – Middle East

SOC’s approach to providing the highest quality of canine solutions is based on our Dog First Philosophy. From selection through training, deployment and ultimately retirement, the canines’ health and welfare is paramount to everything we do. Each and every canine has its own individual physical and mental character. They require individual health management plans developed through trainers, handlers and medical staff. This ensures that each canine is fed, trained and housed in a manner that optimizes performance and provides them the most comfort. Successfully supporting one of the largest canine programs in existence in the United States and the Middle East, SOC’s 40,000 square foot, three-acre training facility in the United States canine training facility prepares our dogs and handlers for deployment with training and testing in protection, patrol, apprehension, and detection. We have deployed more than 747 explosive detection canines (EDCs) supporting the Federal Government. Our unique ability to train and pair top quality dogs with the ability to detect explosive odors in active and dynamic environments has been proven on several Federal contracts. For a decade, SOC protected the largest U.S. Embassy Compound in the world with more than 150 highly trained EDC Teams. SOC provided direct protection of personnel and facilities, including 24/7/365 perimeter security deterrent against any unauthorized, illegal, or potentially life-threatening activities directed towards the Embassy and its personnel. SOC’s commitment for our canine’s welfare does not stop at retirement. After a dog is retired from their faithful duty, SOC works diligently to find a suitable owner that ensures the dog will be safe and well cared for. SOC has a panel of employees who evaluate prospective families or agencies during the adoption process. A majority decision must be made by the adoption board before an owner is accepted for canine adoption.


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