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Protect and Assist Ukraine

In 2022, SOC officially set up strategic locations in Ukraine to support the ongoing mission-critical needs, as the prolonged threat to regional stability, food security, and devastating impacts continue on the civilian population of Ukraine.

With forward-operating teams, staff, and supply chains in Ukraine, SOC is supporting the evolving humanitarian crisis, providing logistics services moving materials, supplies, and mission-critical resources into and throughout Eastern Europe.

SOC is prepared with additional integrated security solutions and training services to assist all critical partners, both government and non-government, working collaboratively within the region to stabilize the global threats to national security worldwide. We are strongly committed to the mission to protect, rebuild, and modernize Ukraine, alongside the U.S. Government, multinational and local businesses with operations in the region.

Our Architecture and Engineering practice played a contributing role in designing the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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