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U.S. Diplomatic Presence in High Threat Region of Africa 

SOC was called to lead the way to assist the Department of State, when the U.S. government re-established our nation’s diplomatic presence in a significantly volatile region in Africa. SOC spearheaded these efforts by providing mobile and static security operations, and a fully operational Tactical Operations Center, in support of the U.S. diplomats and government personnel. This critical diplomatic effort stands as a barrier to prevent regional genocide. SOC answered this call with decisive and expedient actions, ‘standing up’ the mission thirty days ahead of schedule. Our security operations provide a stable pivot point for the U.S. embassy personnel and visiting dignitaries as this critical mission continues to evolve.

"Protection means moving 'outside the wire' so we can engage and ‎influence. In that effort, nothing is more vital than colleagues like yours at SOC, who are, with your leadership, an essential instrument of the U.S. presence today."
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U.S. Ambassador visiting Africa


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