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Full Scale Security Operations for Largest U.S. Embassy in the World

SOC has provided the full suite of security operations for the U.S. Department of State diplomatic mission at the largest embassy complex, successfully protecting personnel, property, and assets in a high-threat austere environment overseas.  SOC operates around the clock to assure that the Government customer can effectively carry out U.S. foreign policy to promote and demonstrate democratic values and advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. Operations have included perimeter, mobile, and static guard services. The complex mission included multiple layers of security screening access point control, technical security system monitoring, threat detection, intelligence analysis, canine detection and quick reactive protection services. Considered one of the largest and most successful security programs in the industry, SOC has partnered with the U.S. Department of State to deliver a new model for high-threat security protection.

"Protection means moving 'outside the wire' so we can engage and ‎influence. In that effort, nothing is more vital than colleagues like yours at SOC, who are, with your leadership, an essential instrument of the U.S. presence today."
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