Focusing on the many facets of the U.S. National Security Mission, current events, trends and concerns, looking toward the future.

Day & Zimmermann Government Services and Advisory Board leaders provide a deep dive on:


_DZGS Speaker Series

The Future of U.S. National Security with Mark Kelton, Former CIA Executive

Hear from Mark Kelton, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Executive and Chief of CIA's Counterintelligence Center, and member of Day & Zimmermann’s Advisory Board, examining lessons learned from the history of ever-changing national security threats, as we face drastic shifts occurring in today’s technological age.

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The Race to Modernization- What is Driving Government Modernization Trends Globally

Amber Zilemba, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, explores 'What is Driving Government Modernization Trends Globally.' She examines the reemphasis on modernizing our capabilities, creating an awakening and focus to bolster the U.S. Government’s industrial defense capabilities and designs—to reinvest in our industrial base and remain an innovation leader.

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The Evolution of National Security Strategy

Dan Cronin, a nearly 30-year security industry expert, who ran overseas programs for the Department of State in some of the most austere locations worldwide, takes a look back at how diplomacy has changed over the past few decades. Cronin examines why risk exposure vs. mitigation becomes a critical balance for diplomatic presence under the U.S. National Security Mission.

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