A DAY NOT FORGOTTEN BY SOC, Account of the 2019  U.S. Embassy Attack in Baghdad, Iraq

As we approach the anniversary of the U.S. Embassy Attack in Baghdad, Iraq, New Year’s Eve, 2019 —an event that didn’t get much reflection, as a result of the COVID pandemic arriving only weeks later—we want to publicly thank our teams for their brave and honorable service that day.

Watch the video of our team's account of the events that unfolded that day.


Attack on U.S. Embassy Baghdad


As one of the most high-profile and volatile attacks on a U.S. Embassy in recent history, we proudly acknowledge SOC’s service in holding the line, with zero loss of life on either side. This coordinated effort to defend the 104-Acre Embassy Complex against thousands of violent protesters intent on storming the walls was deemed a success thanks to our security teams’ professional and robust response. In doing so, each SOC security force member performed flawlessly to protect the mission and its personnel, property, and assets of the United States Government throughout the prolonged siege.

Reflecting back on SOC’s heroic actions, there are undoubtedly countless instances of individual stories of leadership and bravery, along with strategies to be studied and lessons learned to best serve and protect. Above all, we want to thank our employees for their service, both during the attack, in the months following, and also every day serving in the vital role to protect the U.S. National Security Mission overseas.

About SOC’s Work Overseas

SOC provides the full suite of security operations for the U.S. Department of State diplomatic mission at the largest embassy complex, successfully protecting personnel, property, and assets in this high-threat environment overseas. SOC operates around the clock in some of the highest threat, highest risk worldwide locations to assure that the Government customer can effectively carry out U.S. foreign policy to promote and demonstrate democratic values and advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. Operations have included perimeter, mobile, operations centers, and static guard services. The complex mission included multiple layers of security screening, access point control, technical security system monitoring, threat detection, intelligence analysis, canine detection and quick reactive protection services.

Considered one of the largest and most successful security programs in the industry, SOC has partnered with the U.S. Department of State to deliver the latest security methods demanded for high-threat security protection.  

As one of the largest security venues for Department of State, SOC successfully provided the mission critical elements necessary to support the security services such as; morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) services and equipment, medical services, veterinarian services, logistical and transportation services.

Despite direct attacks on the facilities under our protection, SOC has successfully delivered all mission critical services while preventing loss of life of personnel we were entrusted to protect.



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September 2, 2020 TIME article, The Inside Story of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.



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