SOC, A Day & Zimmermann Company, Ranked in the 2020 Defense News Top 100 List

SOC, A Day & Zimmermann Company, has been listed on the *Defense News Top 100 List, ranking as the 78th company. For more than a decade, Day & Zimmermann has been named on the annual Top 100 Defense News list.

“Our nearly 200-year history of providing mission critical support is testimony to our unwavering commitment and trusted partnership with the U.S. Government in supporting the U.S. National Security Mission,” said Steven Selfridge, President of D&Z’s Government Services division. “And, we are certainly proud to consistently rank among the defense industry’s leading companies as we continue to grow our business through innovation and our investments in the highest level of dedicated talent,” Selfridge added.

"We are honored to be recognized on the Defense News Top 100 list for the 12th consecutive year. The ranking is yet another milestone in our continuous commitment to providing innovative, mission-critical products and solutions to our most valued customers,” said Mike Yoh, President of the Munitions and Government division. “As we continue to face global security uncertainties, we are committed to working side-by-side with our defense clients and doing our part to help them serve the nation.”

*Defense News compiles its rankings based on a combination of informational surveys, company annual reports, analyst research and Defense News staff research.

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