SOC Joins as a Ready Responder in Florida’s Emergency Supplier Network

SOC has proudly become a member of the Florida Emergency Supplier Network (FESN). As a mission-focused company, SOC stands ready to support the state’s well-developed emergency response system among the providers of critical equipment and services. Due to an increasing severity of storms impacting the region, FESN is bolstering its capabilities to make services such as SOC’s emergency communications support available to benefit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), local organizations, and the general public, in times of crisis.  

“SOC is pleased to leverage our experience providing mission critical support to the U.S. Government to support Florida when needed most,” said Mike Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Integrated Security, SOC.

SOC hurricane with logo design 

This FESN partnership will provide quick access to SOC’s proven emergency cellular communications capabilities at fair prices to Florida customers. This capability is most important as it provides life-saving communications to local inhabitants and emergency responders immediately following storms or other events that sever communications and cell towers.

SOC will provide system engineering and system integration for portable base stations to be rapidly deployed and connected to a satellite backhaul — instantly opening emergency communication lines to thousands of citizens. In the time of need, SOC works closely with their customers to determine the exact configuration required for deployment. 

SOC is a frequent partner with System Innovation Group (SIG) for wireless projects that provides tailored cellular solutions to the commercial and government market. “SIG has extensive experience providing custom cellular solutions and look forward to supporting SOC and FESN in this effort,” said Shawn Gallagher, President, System Innovation Group.

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