Core Services

As the trusted provider of integrated security, operations and maintenance , and cleared staffing solutions to the U.S. Government and commercial clients, we employ over 5,000 dedicated professionals engaged in the delivery of mission critical safeguards and security, facility management and operations, engineering, explosive ordnance storage and disposal, international logistics, life support, and staffing services. We work side-by-side our customers which include, the U.S. Departments of State, Energy, and Defense, Fortune 500 companies, and non-governmental organizations, providing safe and secure environments in which they can perform their best work.

Integrated Security Solutions

SOC’s approach to integrated security reflects our reputation as a responsive, agile and trusted provider of solutions in support of national security interests in high-threat environments. We bring a full suite of integrated programs to support our customer’s evolving security and protective force needs.

Installation Security

Mobile Security

Cyber Security

Technical Security

Canine Solutions

Justice & Stabilization Support

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Operations & Maintenance Solutions

SOC brings over a century of successful operations and maintenance solutions experience to our customers here at home and around the world.  We custom design our solutions to address each project's unique needs, including those in austere and high-threat environments

Facility Management and Operations 

Explosive Ordnance Storage and Disposal 

Architecture and Engineering

International Logistics

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Cleared Staffing Solutions

As provider of cleared staffing solutions, we support a variety of clients, with a scalable approach for both global and domestic companies, large and small. With global reach and staffing experience in more than 37 states, we support operations around the world with technical staffing solutions through direct contract awards and teaming arrangements in support of the U.S. national security mission.

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Current and Past Performance

For more than a century through our parent company, SOC has provided services to a broad range of U.S. Government and commercial clients around the world. SOC has achieved zero loss of client life on all contracts, for all customers, in all locations globally. Additionally, there has never been a perimeter security breach at any SOC-secured facility. SOC delivers the highest quality of security to protect Government property. Our operations expand into high threat areas around the world to ensure the protection of national security assets, classified materials and information, government personnel and property.

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