In The News: Canines: The Best Answer to the Safety and Financial Concerns that Lithium-ion Batteries Present

Robin Roberts-Sqaure HeadshotBy: Robin Roberts, Sr. Business Development Sales Manager, SOC Canine Solutions

Incidents from ‘thermal runaway’ in lithium-ion batteries are gaining attention, making this hazardous material a top safety concern and priority for the aviation and air cargo industry—not to mention something that will impact any company’s bottom-line quickly.

As the demand for lithium batteries grows, and new technologies incorporate their use, the risk for potentially dangerous outcomes and costs increases. To avoid slowed operations, a major compromise in safety, and lost revenue, air carriers should be planning with proven canine service providers now, to quickly build tailored solutions to their specific requirements. Read more...


Pictured Rudy, SOCs expert Lithium-ion battery detection canine, bringing agility and search capabilities far surpassing man and machine, where minutes, even seconds, matter.


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