SOC Announces Opening of Operations in Ukraine


SOC has officially announced the opening of its operations in Ukraine. With forward-operating teams, staff, and supply chains in the region, SOC is positioned to support the ongoing mission-critical needs, as a one-stop resource with seamlessly integrated solutions.

“Our decision to officially set-up our strategic locations in-country will help fortify our existing services, building upon our strong relationships with local business partners and allies in Ukraine and Eastern Europe,” stated Mike Jenkins, Senior Vice President, SOC.

“We stand ready to bring additional support to the evolving humanitarian crisis, providing integrated security solutions, training, logistics services moving materials, supplies, and mission-critical resources into and throughout Ukraine,” he added.

As a Day & Zimmermann (D&Z) Company, SOC and D&Z teams bring strong working knowledge in Eastern Europe, having supported and designed a number of U.S. Government Facilities in numerous countries across Europe, including Ukraine. The teams have been supporting the U.S. National Security Mission on thousands of projects, in more than 165 countries.

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