SOC on Team Awarded $30B DOE M&O Contract for NNSA Pantex Plant

SOC, A Day & Zimmermann (D&Z) Company, is a member of the BWXT-led team awarded the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) Contract for management and operations of the Pantex Plant. Following an initial term of five years, NNSA has the ability to award three additional five-year option periods. If all contract options are exercised, the contract will span 20 years at a funding level of approximately $30 billion.

The NNSA announced the contract was awarded to PanTeXas Deterrence LLC, which is a joint venture led by a BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) subsidiary – it also includes Fluor; SOC, A Day & Zimmermann Company; and The Texas A&M University System.

Pantex represents a key nuclear production capability in the nation’s Nuclear Security Enterprise. Pantex, located near Amarillo, Texas, is responsible for maintaining the safety, security, and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. Work performed at Pantex includes support of the nuclear weapons life extension programs; nuclear weapons surveillance, assembly and dismantlement; the development, testing, and fabrication of high explosive components; and interim storage and surveillance of plutonium pits.

With a long history, dating back more than 75 years with DOE, we are immensely proud to continue our longstanding role of supporting the security and safeguards of our nation’s vital infrastructure at Pantex, serving the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA),” said Doug Magee, President, SOC.


He added “For more than doug-magee-202310 years [2014], our teams have provided the mission-critical protective force operations, perimeter control, static guards, access control, Special Response Teams, Fire, EMS, and Hazmat operations necessary to ensure safe and secure operations at the Pantex Plant and Y-12 National Security Complex - and we are eager to continue to serve the mission as part of PanTeXas Deterrence.”


PanTeXas Deterrence will assume operations from the current contractor following a four-month transition period that will begin on a date yet to be determined.


More information is available from the NNSA here.


About SOC, A Day & Zimmermann Company - With a rich company history of more than 75 years supporting the Department of Energy, SOC, Day & Zimmermann, and Mason & Hanger together have provided Safeguards, Security, Emergency Services, Management & Operations (M&O), Architecture and Design (A/E) services to protect national security assets that include Category I Special Nuclear Material in research, development, and manufacturing environments.

Safeguards, Security, Emergency Services, O&M to protect U.S. National Security- SOC has filled a critical role in protecting the research and development that supports the nation’s nuclear deterrent and other important national security missions. We deliver award-winning security and emergency services operations solutions for several U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sites, providing protection of personnel, equipment, facilities, and assets around the clock. DOE operations supported include: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Pantex Plant, Y-12 National Security Complex, and other major national laboratories.

Pantex Plant Design/45 Years, Pantex Management & Operations - In 1947, Mason & Hanger, a Day & Zimmermann Company designed the Pantex Plant. For more than four decades [45 years], from 1956 to 2001, Mason & Hanger provided Management & Operations (M&O) services at the mission-critical Pantex plant. Read more about our 75 Years of Service to DOE here.


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