SOC Successfully Maintains Position on WPS Department of State U.S. Embassy Jerusalem Contract

SOC continues their winning streak with the addition of a 10-year, $220 million contract award, under the Department of State’s Worldwide Protective Services III IDIQ for the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. This 10-year award comes after SOC recently completed providing the previous five years of impeccable security services on the current Jerusalem WPS contract. SOC takes pride in its ability to provide dedicated security services to safeguard the Department of State’s personnel, property, and assets in Jerusalem and surrounding region.

This entire region contains many historical religious landmarks and locations which are central to the region’s complex security concerns. These complexities demand SOC’s understanding and respect of the diverse culture that are rooted in numerous complex political, religious, and historical security concerns that daily impact the operating environment. SOC's mission in Jerusalem under the Department of State Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) contract is to safeguard American personnel throughout the West Bank and Gaza, in order to provide aid and spread diplomacy throughout the area of operations —a 24/7 operation.

“We are continuing to build great momentum into 2022 with another well-deserved contract award. I’m incredibly proud of the continued hard work, innovative approach, and dedication that it took to secure this win. The key to this award, and follow-on awards, is flawless execution and customer affinity—which we have proven in Jerusalem and elsewhere,” said Mike Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Integrated Security, SOC.

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