Video Series: The Future of U.S. National Security with Mark Kelton, Former CIA Executive

Mark Kelton - DZGS Speaker Series (3)

We are excited to introduce our Day & Zimmermann Government Services Video Series: Perspectives on U.S. National Security.

Hear from Mark Kelton, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Executive and Chief of CIA's Counterintelligence Center, and member of Day & Zimmermann’s Advisory Board, examining lessons learned from the history of ever-changing national security threats, as we face drastic shifts occurring in today’s technological age.

Watch Mark’s full video here:


Stay tuned for our additional videos in this mission-focused series, including deep dives on: Modernization: What is Driving Today's Trends Globally; The Evolution of National Security Strategy; Insider Threat: Creating a ‘Culture of Vigilance’; Day & Zimmermann’s Support of the National Security Mission; and more.

To follow this series, visit the Video Series: Perspectives on National Security page here or subscribe to our YouTube channel here


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