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At SOC we focus on safety and continuous environmental improvements and standards. We implement this framework as we integrate with our customers within all of our customer site locations. SOC’s senior leadership teams have been active players in making these programs a success. Our green initiatives are testimony to our company-wide commitment of sustainable practices and environmental improvements.  Examples of our ongoing initiatives at specific sites include:

Green Procurement and Energy Management Programs

SOC has established programs to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing air emissions and our impact to the environment. 

  • At one of our largest government facilities, where we work as one with the customer, SOC maintains a strict energy management system (EnMS) adhering to the highest and most up-to-date international energy standards. Our work will be the first installation to achieve such certification and one of the first companies in the United States to earn the distinction as well. SOC’s EnMS is a comprehensive approach to evaluating, monitoring and conserving energy usage and consumption in all forms. An additional objective is the reduction of greenhouse gases and carbon footprints.  

  • A key element to SOC’s EnMS is the identification of Significant Energy Users (SEUs). In example, diesel fuel usage in boilers is responsible for nearly two-thirds of all energy consumption (more than gasoline, electricity and propane combined). SOC’s conservation efforts are focused on reducing this SEU - objectives and targets have been developed to measure progress.  

  • Along with recycling programs, SOC has also implemented a Green Procurement Program to reduce the amount and toxicity of products used.   


Ammunition Stockpile Destruction Program

Economical and environmentally friendly ammunition disposal has been an ongoing focus of global communities with interest in post-conflict ammunition stockpile destruction worldwide. As global partners working toward the restoration of stability in hostile nations, it is imperative to dispose of such ammunition, reducing the risk of further harm and contamination.

  • SOC is the operator of a facility with the largest capacity for premier R3 (resource, recovery, and recycle) demilitarization work in the world, while operating with a strong safety record and using an environmentally responsible disposal processes, SOC has safely demilitarized nearly 80,000 tons of ammunition within a five year span. 

  • Climate change has caused U.S. lake shorelines to recede over the past 100 years, uncovering the risk of potentially harmful contaminates in formerly active ranges used by the military for ordnance testing. SOC is working with the Department of Defense within the United States to remove Material Potentially Presenting Explosive Hazard (MPPEH) and Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC).

Annual National Cleanup Workshop

SOC is committed to assist in the progress of environmental clean-up in cooperation with the Energy Communities Alliance (ECA), the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG), and the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management (EM). SOC has joined senior DOE executives and site officials, industry leaders, national and local elected officials, and other stakeholders to discuss the Department of Energy's progress on the cleanup of the environmental legacy of the nation's Manhattan Project and Cold War nuclear weapons program.