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Operations & Maintenance Solutions

Operations & Maintenance Solutions

SOC brings more than a century of successful Operations & Maintenance (O&M) solutions experience to our customers here at home and around the world. With robust capabilities in Facility Management; Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO); and Life Support and International Logistics Services, we custom design our solutions to address each project's unique needs, including those in both high-risk and secure environments. SOC performs initial site surveys, designs, builds, and maintains the full range of infrastructure necessary to support your mission. Whether it’s operating, maintaining and repairing an existing facility, or delivering new construction for the needs of tomorrow, we tailor our solutions to meet individual customer needs.  

Supported by the legacy of our century-old, family-owned parent company, our comprehensive approach has been proven at the largest munitions depot in North America for the U.S. Department of Defense, at various high-hazard facilities for the U.S. Department of Energy, and for multiple governmental and non-governmental organizations doing business in Southwest Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. The strength of SOC is tied directly to our values of safety and integrity, and the reach and expertise of our global organization. These values drive how we manage, perform, and deliver for our customers.

With global supply lines and infrastructure, we stand ready to support our clientele around the world.

Facility Management and Operations

SOC provides a range of facility management and operations services to various Federal agencies, as well as commercial clientele such as Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contractors operating around the world. Our services include facility maintenance and modification, engineering and construction, as well as the operation and maintenance of roads, railways, and housing systems. Our customers call on us to deliver power, mechanical, and electrical systems, in addition to other basic necessities such as water and waste water systems, warehousing, and communications. In addition, SOC ensures the ongoing safety and security of locations through our crash, fire, and rescue teams, and our safeguards and security professionals that include Tier 1 Operators capable of manning advanced security technology. We enhance physical security capabilities with state-of-the-art technology and threat vulnerability assessments to provide enterprise-wide protection. In austere geographies, we design, construct and manage life support installations which safeguard and support operations abroad allowing our customers to mitigate external threats and safely focus on the success of their mission. We integrate with the client to tailor our solutions to the evolving threat profiles that exist on a global level. 

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Explosive Ordnance Storage and Disposal 

SOC manages a wide portfolio of munitions storage and disposal, including large items (explosive devices and mines), medium caliber munitions, and small arms and fuses. For more than thirty years we have operated with a strong safety record, using only environmentally responsible disposal processes.  As the operating contractor for the U.S. Army’s largest facility capable of premier R3 (resource, recovery, and recycle) ammunition storage and demilitarization in the world, SOC has safely demilitarized nearly 80,000 tons of ammunition in a five year period.  In the last three decades, our ordnance operations and security personnel have been integrated with the customer to secure ammunition in an area spanning over 200 square miles. 

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Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Services

While successfully serving a variety of government customers including the Department of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force and other U.S. Federal Agencies, we provide aviation and vehicle heavy maintenance, modification, painting, component repair, and overhaul services. Our core services for U.S. Defense and Federal Government customers include: aircraft maintenance; ground vehicle and support equipment rebuild/maintenance; logistical support; on-site engineering support; aircraft and automotive painting; contractor owned & operated ground vehicle maintenance facilities.

International Logistics

With a robust logistical model and supply lines and infrastructure that span the globe, SOC’s capabilities deliver supply chain management, contingency operations, air transportation, fleet transportation, vehicle maintenance, and procurement. Our logistics and management solutions are cost-conscious, flexible, and innovative.  Most importantly, the SOC approach to logistics and logistics management is grounded in firm adherence to international regulatory, compliance, and quality standards.

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