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Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Solutions

SOC brings more than 40 years of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) experience to our Customers and Partners.  Whether it’s operating and maintaining an existing installation, or repairing a military aircraft or tactical vehicle, we tailor our solutions to meet individual needs of our customers.  Our experienced team of experts provide world class expertise and capabilities in the areas of Infrastructure & Logistics and Systems Readiness & Sustainment.


We succeed by forming solid partnerships to design, develop and implement the next generation of integrated O&M Services and Solutions using the R-6 MODEL (Re-Invest, Re-Engineer, Re-Organize, Re-Brand, Re-Set, and Re-Train). We design and build installation modernization efforts that create safer operations, lower operations costs and more efficient work force solutions including:

  • Facility and Installation Modernization
  • Integrated Operations and Management
  • Predictive Maintenance and Management Systems
  • Architecture and Engineering (A&E) planning and design
  • Technology platforms to leverage information and metrics collection
  • Environmental programs and tools that reduce emissions and operating costs
  • Custom workforce solutions that maximize safety and productivity
  • Metrics Collection Platforms


Years Supporting the Department of Energy at Category I Special Nuclear Material research, development, and manufacturing environments


Years supporting Department of Defense, munitions productions, facility design and maintenance, demilitarization operations and research and development


Years of Continued O&M Services for Army Joint Munitions Command for the largest capability for premier ammunition storage and demilitarization in the world

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